Enjoy a cup of tea with Yogi Tea Berry detox.

Posted July 27th at 10:39pm

Enjoy a cup of tea with Yogi Tea Berry detox.Yogi tea is a 40 years + indian brand, created around Ayurvedic tea following indian philosophy. Those ancestral recipes are made with herbs and spices. Each tea has a story and healing capacity according to your state. Our month guest in Zena box is Yogi...

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Meet Stacey Euston from Cienna candles

Posted July 12th at 12:15am

Meet Stacey Euston from Cienna candlesHi everybody,Today our portrait is about Stacey Euston. A lady who makes divine vanilla scent candles - for those who got Zena June box you know what I’m talking about - and many more products.Stacey is very talented in what she does and you can really tell that...

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Meet Kash from Skye Candles and Body care

Posted June 27th at 10:42pm

Meet Kash from Skye Candles and Body careHi everybody,Let me introduce you to Kash, the beautiful lady behind Skye Candle and Body Care.If you don’t know her, at least you know of her products. For some of you who came to the French Festival in Auckland and Wellington, you must remember trying some ...

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Meet Kylee Davidson-Corrin from The Clean Collective

Posted May 16th at 10:50pm

For those of you who had the chance to receive Zena April box, you must remember the delicious lemon & coconut bliss balls.Well now let me introduce you to the creator of those pieces of heaven.Kylee Davidson-Corrin is the person behind the brand The Clean Collective.The Clean Collective is ...

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Yellow Clay - Zena : Hug in a box

Posted May 6th at 9:56am

Yellow Clay my friend - Zena April BoxThis month, Zena Brand is presenting yellow clay, a perfect ingredient for facial masks.I discovered this clay back to Paris, where I was looking for something gentle for my skin but also efficient to fight against pollution, wind, sun. I have a sensitive skin. ...

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Meet Anne-Marie Jones from The World of Artemis (Zena April Box)

Posted May 5th at 11:04pm

Meet Anne-Marie Jones from The World of ArtemisHi everybody,I can’t tell you enough how much I love my job at Zena: Hug in a box. Finding the perfect products to surprise you with, every month AND meeting incredible people, especially women who do it all. It’s very inspiring.This month I have the gr...

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Wheat bag - Zena March’s box!

Posted April 7th at 1:57am

Wheat bag - Special guest on Zena March’s box!We have selected for you an amazing soothing solution for your period. The wheat bag! This is a great alternative or replacement of your hot water bottle.In fact, this is so useful that you can use it heat or cold to relieve pains, sore muscles and infla...

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What is Konjac?

Posted March 21st at 7:35am

What is a Konjac?The Konjac is a plant also known as Amorphophallus and Konnyaku.  This plant grows in warm subtropical to tropical eastern Asia. It looks like a potato or a yam and that is what we use to make vegetable beauty products like Konjac facial sponge. Can we eat it?Yes, this plan...

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Why using organic tampons?

Posted February 19th at 1:17am

A few years ago I have started to have severe pain during my period. I was tired, grumpy (more than usual), and felt constant pain like if someone was squeezing hard on my ovaries. So I decide to ask my friend google about this pain. Why and how can I make myself feel less miserable?Oh dear! what I ...

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