Hello, thanks for visiting Zena: A Hug in a Box.

My name is Noria, I am French. I moved to Auckland from Paris in 2016 with my partner Bastien.

Together we run Zena.

Bastien is a south west wine man and I am a fussy parisian. We met in Paris, fell in love, packed our backpack, travelled and stopped in New Zealand.

We are lucky to call New Zealand “home”.

Why Zena box?

Ever since I’m a little girl, I always had to look after someone, my sisters, my cousins, my mother, my boss, partner, work… We all have very busy lives and let’s be honest sometimes we don’t really take time to ourselves.

Zena box was born here in New Zealand when I realised that it wasn’t easy to find practical products and good for my health. Instead of wasting time shopping around, I thought “why not curating a box with surprises, good for us women, ethical and locally sourced? A box that is convenient and delivered to our door every month”. That is how Zena came to life in March 2018.

Zena is not only a box, it’s also a community.

Meet the person behind a brand by reading our blog posts and join our social FB community group “Women’s club by Zena. Meet other women, offer support, seek advice, help growing your confidence. Meet other women around events as dancing class, make up class, DIY fragrance, candle, but also dinner and much more.

If you want to know more about us, feel free to ask in our fb page or group or email at info@hizena.com  

Empower women and make us feel wonderful! That’s my motivation!